Brookelle Bombshelle

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Baltimore native, Brookelle Bombshelle, is a natural born artist. Drawing since she was able to hold a pencil, art has always been her biggest passion in life. Brooke furthered her education in high school and continued onto several college level courses. After studying subjects like art history, color theory, graphic design, & painting in a class room setting, she continues to challenge herself to learn as many techniques as she can on her own time. 


She is a well versed artist and model and enjoys expressing her vision in several different mediums and styles including: painting, drawing , digital art, cosplay, & make -up.


Tattooing since 2011, Brookelle currently favors geometric linework, black & grey realism, and

neo-traditional techniques. She’s always happy to discuss projects involving any combination of these subjects or round out her experience with something different altogether. A recent recognition awarded Brooke with a sponsorshipby Tattaloo Inkvestment Protection Aftercare, which manufacutes a prodouct line to heal and care for tattoos.


Even with several years experience tattooing at large conventions as well as guest spots in well known studios across the country, she beliebe she will always be learning and developing her skill. She brings the same humility to all consultations and appointments providing a fun, comforable and trustworthy experience from concept to finished tattoo. 




4505 Harford Rd

Baltimore, MD 21214

Monday - Saturday 12 - 8

Sunday 12 - 6